All About Support

Registered NDIS Provider


At All About Support we are passionate about making sure we delivery services and programs that are focused on quality and safety. We do this in a few different ways:

We are proud to be accredited against the Quality Improvement Council of Australia (QIC) standards, as well as the DHHS owned Human Service Standards (HSS). We undertook our first accreditation assessment in January 2018, and since then we have worked hard to maintain our excellent systems and processes for ensuing that services are responsive, safe, reflective and focused on good outcomes. We are currently working towards transitioning to the new NDIS Quality and Safeguards Framework and expect this process to be completed by early 2020.

We have a high focus on ensuring that our staff are the right people for the job. Part of this commitment is around making sure that the people who work with consumers are safe – this is something we take very seriously.

All About Diversity and Inclusiveness

All About Quality and Safety

All About Support values the diversity of all consumers and is committed to providing quality services that are sensitive and responsive to unique experiences, including their culture, geographic location, race, age, ethnicity, religion, ability and/or sexual preference.

All About Support actively works to eliminate barriers and practices that consumers from diverse backgrounds.

The underpinning principles we use for working with consumers from diverse backgrounds include:

• A commitment to inclusive service provision

• The provision of culturally appropriate information

• Development of strategies for inclusive and culturally competent service provision

• On-going pursuit of knowledge of issues and context

• Provision of interpreter services where appropriate

• Creating and maintaining links with other cultural organisations

The entire All About Support staff team are required to undertake the following:

• National police checks

• International police checks

• Working with Children Check (where applicable)

• Inclusion on the Disability Workers Exclusion Scheme register

• Visa checks (where applicable)

• Standard reference checks on previous employment

• Minimum qualifications

As part of our commitment to quality improvement we are continually looking at the way we do things and seeing where we can improve. We do this by reflecting and thinking about the way we do things and finding ways that we can do things better. Another way we do this is by asking for and receiving feedback from people that use our services and seeing if we can use this feedback to improve.


All About Support is committed to ensuring our consumers and community receive responses that are inclusive of their cultural and language needs.

All About Support acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land and pay our respect to their elders past and present.

All About Support celebrates diversity and actively promotes inclusion for all.

All About Privacy

• All About Support need to have some information about the people we work with. Mostly, this will be things like their name, contact details, information about their family or support people and some information about their health and wellbeing, and their support needs

• This helps to ensure we are able deliver the best possible service for the best possible outcomes

• All personal information is kept privately and securely and in accordance with legislation

• We take all reasonable steps to make sure information is accurate and up to date

• We have strict policies about who gets to see and use personal information, and all our staff understand and respect this

• We only provide personal information to another organisation or group if the person who the information belongs to says that it's ok

• The only time we would ever give information without the owner’s consent is if we were required to by law