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We love to get feedback and we appreciate feedback from anyone about our services and the way we do things - for example what's working, what isn't working and what could be better.

We are always trying our best to improve and find ways of doing things better, and a way that we can do this is by getting feedback.

You can do this by speaking directly to a staff member, completing the online form opposite or by emailing us at

All About Complaints

All About Feedback

• At All About Support, we are very serious about consumer rights and treating everyone with dignity and respect

• We are always trying to do things better, which is why we appreciate feedback about our services - about what's working well, what isn't, and what could be better. This might include making a complaint

• We don’t always get things right and when we don’t, we really want to know about it

• When making a complaint, it's important to explain the problem and how you'd like it resolved.

There are two ways you can make a complaint:

You can give the complaint verbally. You can do this by speaking directly to your support worker OR by speaking to All About Supports Director Vicky. Vicky will work with you to try and resolve the complaint. At times she may ask that you put the complaint in writing and will ask an independent person to help resolve it

If you’d prefer you can use our independent feedback service at:

This is managed by an independent person who will deal with your complaint, contact you for further information and assist you to resolve the issue.

• Your complaints will be dealt with confidentially and respectfully and we’ll always inform you about the outcome of your complaint

• If you are unhappy with any of these options or you don’t feel your complaint has been dealt well, you can contact the NDIS Commission directly at:


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